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Feedage.com Announces New Online RSS Directory

Feedage.com is a fully categorized and searchable Real Simply Syndication (RSS) directory. Each feed can be easily subscribed to using your favorite RSS reader.

Wharton, NJ October 10, 2006 – Feedage.com RSS directory announces the unveiling of its web-based RSS directory.

Feedage.com is a free, easy to use, fully categorized and searchable RSS directory. Our mission is to categorize the large number of RSS data feeds available to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

RSS has grown rapidly over the past years. The extremely large popularity and number of available feeds means finding the content that you are looking for becomes harder and harder. Feedage is changing that.

Using proprietary categorizing tools, Feedage allows the user to quickly find the most relevant and up to date RSS feeds. Reducing the amount of time needed to manually filter through feeds.

Feedage.com is fully integrated with all of the major RSS readers. This allows the user to subscribe to each feed with just a click.

About Feedage.com:

Feedage.com is part of a sole proprietorship of Stone Harbor Art, owned and operated by Mark W. Savoca.


Mark W. Savoca
136 E. Central Ave.
Wharton, NJ 07885