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The Corporate side of Feedage.com

Feedage.com LLC is a rapidly expanding web information company. We are comprised of many sites, Feedage.com being our premier website.

Please look around and learn more about Feedage.com and our ongoing growth.

Latest News

Feedage.com is now on Facebook and Twitter

Users can now follow Feedage.com using Facebook and Twitter. To receive the latest updates and status follow Feedage on Twitter. To provide feedback, interact with discussions and follow the latest news, become a Feedage.com Fan on Facebook.

Feedage.com expands into niche RSS Directories.

By leveraging our RSS experise and capabilities Feedage.com LLC has begun to expand into niche RSS Directories. These smaller, more focused directories will help both content readers to find better, more specific RSS Feeds and content providers by having additional exposure for thier RSS Feeds.

Feedage.com RSS Directory exceeds 3 million RSS Feeds!

Feedage.com is happy to announce that is has passed the 3 million mark. With over 55,000 registered users, Feedage.com Directory is growing faster then ever. Recent performance improvements allows our directory to operate faster then ever while we continue to add Feeds at an impressive rate.